A loss to our Community

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we share with you that Araella Bornmann passed peacefully this weekend. Rae was a 2016 Elizabethtown graduate who shared the Lacrosse field with a number of our multiple-sport Soccer players.  She was one of the original members of the Girls’ Lacrosse program here at Etown.  Rae was a leader on and off the field,  she excelled in her studies and was a good friend to many. After her diagnosis our team fund-raised for her treatment and travel expenses in the Fall of 2016.  Since then she lived a lifetime and grew so much in her faith; her strength inspired the community. Although we are saddened, Rae’s faith made her strong, and her parents are certain she is prepared for her greatest journey. They will need your prayers to help them.

Services celebrating Rae’s life will be released shortly. The family plans to wait until her college classmates at Waynesburg University finish their semester.

Stay strong. Hug your loved ones. #RaeStrong

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