Coaching History and Season Records

Year (Spring)CoachRecord
1991Bill Hunsberger3-11-1
1992Bill Hunsberger0-13-0
1993Bill Hunsberger1-14-0
1994Brad Dunn0-13-0
1995Brad Dunn3-11-0
1996Brad Dunn1-15-0
1997Brad Dunn3-16-1
1998Scott Steffen2-14-3, Section I
1999Scott Steffen5-13-0, Section II
2000Scott Steffen13-4-2, Section II
2001Scott Steffen10-7-2, Section II
2002Scott Steffen11-7-1, Section II
2003Scott Steffen10-6-0, Section II
2004Alex Shubert7-7-3, Section II
2005Alex Shubert7-9-1, Section I
2006Alex Shubert7-8-2, Section I
2007Alex Shubert15-4-0, Section II
2008Alex Shubert14-5-1, Section II
2009Alex Shubert11-8-2, Section II
2010Ken Archer4-14-0, Section II 
2011Ken Archer6-8-3, Section II 
2012 (Spring)Kevin Laicha12-6-0, Section II 
2012 (Fall)Jeremy Adams13-6-2, Section II 
2013Jeremy Adams14-3-3, Section II 
2014Keith Renner19-6-1, Section II 
2015Keith Renner18-4-1, Section II 
2016Keith Renner21-2-0, Section II 
2017Keith Renner5-12-0, Section II 
2018Brian Ressler3-12-2, Section II 
2019Brian Ressler9-8-1, Section II 
Cumulative record: 247 – 286 – 32

Team and Individual Records

Most wins (season)212016(Was 19 in 2014)
Most goals scored (season)902014(Was 69 in 2012 Spring)
Fewest goals against (season)92013(Was 13 in 2007)
Most shutouts132014(Was 12 in 2007)
Most goals (season)282015Talia Grynkewicz
Most goals (career)492010-2012 (Fall)Erin Sollenberger
Most assists (season)192014Madison Mohr
Most assists (career)251998-2001Colleen Smith
Most points (season)64 (28G, 8A)2015Talia Grynkewicz
Most points (career)128 (49G, 30A)2010-2012 (Fall)Erin Sollenberger
Most GK wins (season)142007Kyleigh Kauffman
Most GK wins (career)29 291999-2002 2005-2007Megan Ardary, Kyleigh Kauffman
Most GK saves (season)1902000Megan Ardary
Most GK saves (career)4961999-2002Megan Ardary
Most GK shutouts (season)122007Kyleigh Kauffman
Most GK shutouts (career)232005-2007Kyleigh Kauffman