Player Availability Notes

Good evening everyone,

Team Snap and the Google calendar have been updated with events as we know them.  The game schedule for the fall is still going through some changes but should be finalized before school ends for the year.  The PIAA physical paper work has not yet been posted on the district website, once it is we will let you know.  We are also up to date with adding players to Team Snap so you can now go in and update player availability in the app.  There is an option for every event that looks like a small pencil next to the availability box. If you would like to let the coaches know an item of importance click on the pencil to add your note.  Please note that once you have been invited to the app you can make changes to information as it relates to your player, ie. add additional contacts, email address, phone numbers etc.

A Sign Up Genius was shared this evening through the event notice for June 2nd’s car wash.  The fall car wash is also listed in the sign up along with other volunteer opportunities for parents, please check them out.  You can sign up using the following link:

Sign Up Genius for 2018 – 2019 season

Good luck to the girls as they complete their finals and end of the year projects!  We look forward to seeing you throughout the summer.


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